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Discount Magazines Top 20 Site Review

The discount magazines Top 20 review brings you the pick of the best and most popular suppliers of discount magazines online today.

It is now possible to get your magazine subscriptions at substantially better prices than retail by subscribing online. There are a number of services offering discount magazines online, and to
make finding the right one for you easy, this review brings you the leading magazine discounters on a single page, so you have one-stop access to the best in the market today.

Net are leaders in the online magazines subscription industry, and offer substantial discounts on magazine subscriptions online. And they have a considerable choice too, you can choose from over 800 diverse magazine titles, including most of the popular titles sold at the newsstands today.
When it comes to price, they offer a Low Price Guarantee, and will match any authorized price offered by the publishers or other authorized agents.
They also offer a discount deal where you can select 5 titles from their list of popular magazines and subscribe to the lot for $30 a year.
Netmagazines meet all BBBOnLine reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards, so they have a good record of meeting online trading standards, which gives the consumer a fair degree of confidence in dealing with them online. 
If you are looking for discount magazines online they are hard to beat.

Magazine City's slogan is "the Web's largest subscription source" and they cater to more than 50,000 visitors a day. 
They are rated a Top merchant by Yahoo, and a Gold merchant by BizRate. 
Magazine City offer a large range of magazines which can be subscribed to online, at discount prices.
Where possible they also offer an additional discount for 2 and 3 year subscriptions.
And they deliver internationally too, where the publisher allows, so this service is also worth a look if you are outside the US.

Magmall is the discount magazines service called the "Better Online Subscription Service" by The Los Angeles Times, and offer corporate, student and consumer savings on new, renewal and gift subscriptions to over 1,000 magazines and newspapers.
They are Bizrate certified and meet all BBBOnLine reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards.

The magazine subscription discounts you will find online are typically quite substantial, and represent a large portion off the newsstand price. When you couple this with some of the additional specials these organizations offer, it can lead to finding some very cheap magazine subscriptions indeed. All of these organizations listed here offer discounts online, and when you have found the best prices, it is mainly a matter of finding the service you are most comfortable dealing with.

I hope the discount magazines top 20 takes you to what you are looking for in the world of cheap magazine subscriptions online. And, if you did find this top 20 review useful, maybe you would like to bookmark the page, it may be the only discount magazines reference you'll ever need.

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10 ZDM Subscription Services
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12  MagazineDepot
13 Business Magazines
14 Magazine Subscriptions City
15 The National Magazine Company (UK)  
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