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The DSL providers Top 20 review brings you the pick of the best and most popular DSL service providers online today.

To make finding the right DSL access package for you easy and convenient, this review brings you a summary of the leading providers in the United States on a single page, so you have a one-stop reference to compare the best offers in the DSL market today.

Selection of the DSL provider that suits you best will probably be a combination of a number of factors, and the following checklist of account features that are available in the DSL market today are likely to figure uppermost in the final selection.

Price:  Now that the DSL market has matured the entry price has become quite attractive, with the increased access speed of this technology now available at less of a premium to dial-up. At times some of the leading providers offer special deals too, which can be a very good incentive to move up to the speed of DSL while they are available.

Dependability and Service:  Providers who have been in the business for some time are generally those who have got their system right and can offer the most trouble-free services. That said, it is still worthwhile looking for good support behind any DSL service, so if you ever do have a problem it can be resolved quickly. Some DSL providers offer 24/7 support both online and by phone, which can be quite important for peace of mind. 

DSL Hardware:  A DSL modem is required and the prices of these can vary quite substantially. Some of the leading providers will supply one at no cost when you join. As well as the saving in cost if you get one as part of the package this ensures you are getting a modem they recommend and support with their service.

Email Accounts:  Email features are becoming increasingly important, both from the point of view of the number of accounts provided and the features they offer. Some DSL accounts come with advanced email features like tools for limiting spam, generating email aliases, setting up your own email forwarding and the ability to use auto-responders while you are away. When you consider your DSL internet access account will more than likely be with you for some time this is an area where it is probably best to get the best featured account you can.

Web Site Features:  Some DSL packages include Web space and the ability to run a Web site. Features here can be important too, with some accounts coming with online web building tools so you don't need additional software to get a Web site up and running.

Networking:  If you are likely to want to connect more than one computer to your DSL connection (either now or at some stage in the future) then then the networking features of an account are important. Some DSL providers include networking capabilities at no extra cost.

Because your DSL connection will likely be with you for some time it is worth choosing a plan which not only gives you what you need today, but can also grow with you. This is especially true in the areas of networking and email features. For that reason I would recommend you run with the plan that gives you the most flexibility and room for future growth.

All these organizations in the DSL providers top 20 are suppliers of some note in this industry, and to get the supplier that is right for you it could be worth comparing offers from a number of providers before you make your final decision, and this top 20 listing lets you do just that - compare offers from the top providers from a single source.

I hope you found the DSL providers top 20 useful and found what were looking for in the world of DSL access. And, if you did find this top 20 review useful, maybe you would like to bookmark the page, it may be the only DSL providers reference you'll ever need.

The Ed


Top 20
1 Verizon Online DSL
Verizon Online DSL
2 Covad
3 Speakeasy
4 Earthlink
5 SBC Yahoo!
6 Atlantech
8 Prodigy
9 MegaPath
10 Ameritech
11 BellSouth
12 PrimusDSL
13 DSLi
14 Radiant
15 DSL Service Providers
16 Access DSL
17 Britsys
18 DSL Express 
19 Netsville
20 Sprint - Fast Connect DSL

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