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The Karaoke Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating karaoke sites on the Net today, and provides an instant guide to the world's best karaoke sites, all from a single page.

Mp3 Karaoke
The latest trend in karaoke is backing tracks in Mp3 format. This is because the Mp3 format allows better quality sound than MIDI in most cases, and allows real instruments as well as backing vocals without the need for special equipment.
MP3Karaoke lead the field in the Mp3 karaoke arena, having combined with Prosongs to form The Singing Station. They offer a large selection of quality professionally produced karaoke tracks at very low cost.
These tracks can simply be downloaded in Mp3 format or optionally can be supplied on CD's in either Mp3 or CD audio.

MIDI karaoke
MIDI karaoke backing tracks can be played on any MIDI player. They are used by professional musicians with special hardware MIDI players, and equally they can be played on any computer with a MIDI player and a sound card. The quality of sound reproduction depends on your sound setup. 
Tune 1000 (part of the Eatsleepmusic network) is the leading manufacturer of high-quality Standard MIDI files with lyrics. They offer 1000's of songs in a variety of music classifications to suit the professional musician or karaoke home user alike.

CDG karaoke
The ultimate karaoke experience comes from a dedicated karaoke machine. This is a CD player with the added function of graphics output. It allows you to play karaoke CDG discs and connect the player to your television or video monitor. You then see the lyrics of the songs as you sing them. Shop Karaoke are the leading online supplier of karaoke players and CDG discs, along with their sister site MyCDG where you can choose the tracks for custom made CDG discs.

Kool Karaoke is the Eatsleepmusic network's digital karaoke music offering, and provides backing tracks in the WMA format (Windows Media Audio) which is similar to Mp3.

Or, if a good all-round, informative karaoke site is what you are after, then have a look at Karaoke Vision. Their FAQ would be one of the best introductions to karaoke I have seen online.

If you're looking for a karaoke player for Windows, there are a number of karaoke players available online. WinKaraoke is an example of a MIDI karaoke player which was rated 4 stars by ZDNet. There are now a number of players available and you can find and download a number of MIDI and Mp3 players from Cnet's if you don't already have one.

These sites are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to karaoke information and resources online. The other sites in the karaoke top 20 each bring a different angle to the subject of karaoke, and may just be the one that matches your interest in karaoke perfectly, so they could be worth a look.

I hope the karaoke top 20 takes you to what you are looking for in the world of karaoke. Please remember to bookmark this page, it may be the only karaoke page you'll ever need. We at Net Top 20 certainly hope so - it's the reason we're here...

The Ed


Top 20
1 Mp3Karaoke
Tune 1000
3 Shop Karaoke
Shop Karaoke
4 Kool Karaoke
5 Free Karaoke
6 WinKaraoke Homepage
9 Computer Karaoke
10 MidiKaraoke
11 Midi Hits Backing Tracks
12 Karaoke Warehouse
13 Karaoke Scene
14 Sing Karaoke Online
15 Singing Store
16 Kevin's MIDI Karaoke
17 Music Mansion
18 Karaoke Software
19 Karaoke Players
20 VanBasco's Karaoke Player


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