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Popular Web hosting is hosting between $15 and $25 a month, and the Popular Web Hosting Awards is one of a series of Web Hosting Awards which bring you the pick of the best and most popular Web hosting sites on the Net today.

Verio is one of the the largest global Web hosts, and a leader in the field of Popular Web hosting. More companies around the world have chosen to put their business online with them than any other hosting company world-wide, giving them the stability and predictability of a market leader in this segment. And it also means they get access to a range of products and services which, in this segment, are second to none.
Their accounts start with the Bronze account which has 7.5 Gb of monthly data transfer, 250 Mb of disk space, 20 configurable e-mail accounts and is hosted on multiple OC3 and OC12 connections. They then offer a range of different account types through virtual private servers to top end dedicated hosting solutions.
For these reasons Verio stays at the front of the field for us, and take up the leading position in the popular Web hosting Top 20.

 Yahoo! Web Hosting   The No.1 global Internet brand, and the Internet's leading global business services company Yahoo!, is also one of the leading suppliers of Web hosting for businesses and professionals.
Their Web hosting packages are very well featured, with large amounts of disk space and data transfer included as standard. But the features that set Yahoo! apart come in their package of easy-to-use tools and infrastructure that allow you to build a professional web site for your business, like the Yahoo! SiteBuilder software.
As well as the traditional methods of publishing a Web site Yahoo! offers their SiteBuilder 2.0 program which comes with a large number of customizable templates, or allows you to design your own with it's easy-to-use tools. This exceptional tool allows anyone, even without experience, to build a highly professional Web site.
All Yahoo!'s Web hosting plans include an email management function called Business Mail, which features 2 GB of storage per address and virus and spam protection. All their hosting packages include a generous amount of email addresses as standard.
With an eye to the future, Yahoo!'s Web hosting packages offer the flexibility to change plans at any time to meet evolving business needs. You can move between packages in a product line (such as moving between hosting packages), or change product lines completely (such as moving from Web Hosting to Merchant Solutions). 
Well featured packages, professional results from easy to use tools, and a high degree of flexibility is what has put Yahoo! Web hosting at the top of the list for many businesses, and has made them one of the leading suppliers of Web hosting in this sector.

Webhosting's Internet Data Centers are connected to the Internet by redundant OC-12 circuits. Their dual-entry fiber system is designed so that there is no single point of failure. They offer a choice of NT or UNIX hosting with their Basic packages featuring 200Mb of disk space and 7.5Gb of data transfer at $24.95 a month. All shared Web hosting accounts have the option of using their Power Web Builder design tool.

There is a considerable amount of competition in the field of popular Web hosting though, with a number of excellent Web hosts now competing in this huge new market, and the Web hosts that make up this Top 20 are in some respects quite diverse with product offerings being quite varied and different. For that reason, it is probably worthwhile looking through the whole list, because a different organization's offering may be just the niche that suits you best.

I hope the popular Web hosting top 20 takes you to what you are looking for in your search for the right host. And if it was useful to you please remember to bookmark the page, it may be the only popular Web hosting reference you'll ever need. 

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Top 20
1 Verio
2 Yahoo! Web Hosting
Yahoo! Web Hosting
3 WebHosting
4 Web Site Source
5 Jumpline
6 Interland
7 Thinkhost
8 CI Host
9 ApolloHosting
11 Hostcentric
12 Value Web
13 Datarealm
16 Hostway
19 Powersurge
20 Prohosting

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